Melt down before there’s any snow

I was at a training session to learn the rope of the Ministry of Health databases.  It’s nice to get training for change instead of being given a password and just left to figure it out myself.  The training was held at the some office of the Ministry of Health but the whole floor was empty cubicles.  Kind of spooky.  The course instructor kept apologizing for glithes in the system due to staff turnover, system transitions etc etc. I walked home after the course which took me about 1 hr 20 min.  It is so mild out, it great to walk through downtown and see the sites.  Tonight I walked by the CBC and the CN Tower which are across the street from each other.

Tonight there was a melt down on the subway. Apparently some road construction tunnelled down to the subway so they have closed part of it and put on shuttle buses. Fortunately I was walking home and missed the chaos but need a plan B in case there is no subway tomorrow am.  Last weekend I went to St. Lawrence market in an historial quarter of the city and the pictures are from that area. 

Obviously this software needs some tweaking in terms of placement of pictures!

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