6 Strategies to Manage Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)… For Americans


Does anyone know of strategies for Canadians?

Reporting Tax Fraud

The first order of the day was to report a call from Ontario purporting to me be from Canada Revenue regarding tax fraud.  It is the supreme irony that a fraudster is calling me inferring that I have committed fraud.  I spent about 15 minutes to find the right place to report this and I include it here for your future reference.  This is the third call I have had like this in the past couple of months.

In order to report you have to log in with the password you may already have for the Government of Canada.  The reporting form is rather awkward but I persevered.  If you can get it to save your information just delete the section and hit Next.

Katherine Switzer, 71 runs the London Marathon


Katherine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon about to run the London Marathon at 71. I am inspired p.  The 10 k Sun Run today and reminds me that I did it many years ago and that I owe a debt to Katherine Switzer. I needed to get off the sofa and do my 10,000 steps in her honor today.  

The corruption of evidence-based medicine – Diet Doctor

For anyone thinking about a new career teaching English as a second language with low barriers to entry and opportunities for travel, this article tells you how to do it.



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