Filling up your time


Meet-ups  This site has meet up groups all over the world.  There are several groups specific to seniors and others specific to interests such as walking, painting, cycling etc.  There are several groups where you can brush up on your language skills with others who may speak another language.  The costs are usually in the range of $ 1.00 for a meetup meeting.  I have found the Women over 55 and the French Language meetups to have the most interesting people from all over the world.


My favourite all time game is Cards Against Humanity.  It is a politically incorrect version of  Apples to Apples , which is more family friendly and good for playing with the grandkids.  It is only $ 25.00 US but you get more than $25.00 worth of entertainment. It is a card game and a word game combined.  You need at least 4 people to play and the more the merrier.


Book Reviews

The New York Times 

Good Reads.

Audio Books

You need a device like an Ipad or Kindle to listen to Audio Books as well as an app that you can download from the app store or Amazon.   My personal recommendation is an Ipad or Iphone.   The downside to these devices is the battery life can run down if you are listing for several hours.  This can be resolved by keeping the device plugged in, getting a mobile charger or plugging the device into the car cigarette lighter.


There is a great map of cycling trails in the Metro Vancouver Area.  Here are my recommended rides: 4,8,19,21,30,55,70,85, 88,89. Iona Island is a good cycling destination. Nice beach, no traffic, it’s flat and lots of birds. The trails in Richmond can be accessed by the Skytrain via the Bridgeport Station.