I am enjoying the warm Toronto weather.  Really!

I have looked at some condos to buy.  For a 1000 sq ft condo the taxes were $ 569 per month or $ 6828 per year.  My taxes in Van for my condo were $ 1800 per year for same square foot.  I guess that is because snow clearing is included here.  😉 .  Municpal taxes include the local health dept in their budget and 100 library sites in the GTA.  hmmmm.  Could it be the fantastic public transit that is paid for by municpal taxes?  ok it takes you everywhere, comes every 2 minuties, but it really really dirty.  Small wonder infectious diseases spread so easily here.  The trains and streetcars are jam packed.  And they are not handicapped accessible.  People with strollers have to get help to lift the stroller onto streecars.  I never see people in Wheelchairs on the subway or buses.  Bicycles are allowed on the subways but I am not sure what they do about streetcars.  One far of $2.25 takes you everyone on the subway and street cars. There are no zones. Here are my lastest pictures.  My friend’s son Ryan took me on a tour of the Distillery District and then to Yuk Yuks for a few laughs. 

 I was out riding my bike along the lakeshore on Sunday and tried out the Map my Ride app for my Iphone. No gears necessary as everything is so flat.  Good thing as the gear cable got damaged en transit. Even walking is flat everywhere.  I think you keep fit walking all those hills in Vancouver.  

This is the old Toronto City Hall 

Escaping wedding party   

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