How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds – WSJ

This article from the Wall Street Journal is a must read for Boomers who have had the longest life time exposure to devices and for anyone with children.  What has not been reported is the effect of having these distractions at work.  I wonder how it has impacted on productivity?

“What if” .. you turned yourself into a cartoonist.

This weeks feature is about not taking retirement so seriously.  Someone said to me recently that Boomers are so Ernest.  John P Weiss switched careers from policeman to cartoonist… that is a pretty big leap but his cartoons won my heart.   The theme of his musings is “What if“.  He kindly agreed to let me post one of his cartoons on my blog.  Thank you John.



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Robert Powell What I’ve learned over 14 years of covering the depressing but crucial topic of retirement – MarketWatch

Robert Powell seems like  guru on the finances of retirement. He’s seen it all, the fads and the fallacies and sums it up nicely in this lengthy and in depth article.. his last for Market Watch.   Get a coffee and bonder his observations.

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