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How to Create a Custom Blog Signature with PicMonkey

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How To create a custom blog signature with PicMonkey

When I started seriously blogging over three years ago, I quickly understood the importance of how well-chosen images and graphics played in blog posts and on websites.

Soon after, I also noticed some bloggers included their name or signature at the end of their posts. I liked how it looked and how it graphically tied the entire post together.

About a year ago I got into the habit of including my “signature.” I began by using a free app called My Live Signature.

Terri_signature_redHere is an example of one I’ve used.

Recently, I wanted to use different seasonal themes with my signature, and rather than try to use an image, I found a simple way to create a custom signature using PicMonkey.

Both of these services are free, but of course you can upgrade to inexpensive premium accounts.

For this tutorial, go to PicMonkeyand open your free account to…

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