Reflections on Teaching English as a second language

I left health care in 2017, as a result of having gotten a teaching certificate in 1970, I have gotten certified as a teacher.  Its been a steep learning curve. Outline How to qualify Courses Cost/Benefit Jobs Time Chinese culture Tech support/.Zoom App Student assessment Lesson plans on line Lessons learned/surprises 1. How to qualify… Read More Reflections on Teaching English as a second language

Condos that have passed by-laws against short term rentals… What can you do if you want to rent your condo out on a short term basis?

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Take Our Poll Background In the fall of 2017 the property management company for my condo passed a bylaw to ban rentals of less than one year.  The property management company seemed to think there has been complaints about disruption of residents’ peace and quiet due to short term rentals.   The ban…