Cook books reviewed by bloggers

New publications serve up classics and more, with flair! I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people who loves to read a cookbook from cover…

Constantly Cooking’s 2022 cookbook gift guide

Another bloggers pick:

The cookbook of the month club. Recipes tested by friends:

A review of Mediterranean cookbooks:

So what are your favourite cookbooks?

or have you given up on cookbooks in favour of on line recipes?

1 thought on “Cook books reviewed by bloggers

  1. Hi, Ann – Great question! I confess that I usually go with online recipes. I love that the convenience and that I can pick and choose based on the ingredients that I have on hand. I also like the added bonus of online reviews and any parts of the recipe that others felt benefitted from modification.
    Like you, when I do go with a cookbook, I usually read cover-to-cover. I am currently reading Milk Street Tuesday Nights. I am waiting for Milk Street Tuesday Nights Mediterranean to come in at my local library.

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