Northern Populism. Ever heard of it?

A very long read. Published in June 2020 it follows on the early post I published on the ethical conflicts during COVID. This post is from a Canadian Think tank and polling company. It is helpful to understand the forces driving things like the Ottawa convoy and see international trends in public emotional responses to perceived and real events.

4 thoughts on “Northern Populism. Ever heard of it?

  1. Valuable article if slightly outdated. The divide in Canada, I’d argue, while real, is not as wide as in the US. Britain’s divide is real, too. As for ignoring the issue, almost 4 years has passed. It’s not being ignored now. Too little, too late? Not really. History shows us that folks are slow to change, reluctant to trust authority, and love pointing fingers. It was apparent 15 plus years ago within the constituency I worked, that the group identified in the article were disgruntled. They were greatly influenced by misinformation coming from the US which became equally false once it crossed the border. No discussion, no “proof” changed their minds or assuaged their anger. It was baffling and a tad frightening. This “group” were privileged, safe, relatively worldly and educated and yet, suddenly felt put upon, fearful of newcomers etc. Latent issues? Perhaps. Anywho, as the article states, history doesn’t shine a favourable light on populism but egos tend to prevail.

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