White from coast to coast.

White is the theme for this weeks #Sundaystills so I am taking you on a cross-Canada virtual tour strarting in Saint John NB. White is an easy pick in Canada because we have winter which lends itself to lots of pictures of ice and snow. So let’s begin. One of the iconic images of Canada is the backyard ice rink. This one was beside my brother’s house in Saint John NB, as is the house across the street, decorated for Xmas.

Moving west, the next stop is Ottawa in winter and spring. The Rideau River runs through Ottawa and freezes over in the winter. Skating on the river is a popular winter activity. The city hosts WinterFest which includes a bed race on the frozen river, ice sculptures and some unusual creatures. Ottawa is well known for its tulip festival in May/June.


Our next stop is Niagara Falls. What could be whiter? Along with a stop at Niagara Falls I went to wedding at a winery. Nothing says white like a wedding, right?

Moving across the country, the next selection are natural history photos on the west coast. Vancouver is well known for its early flowering cherry trees, magnolias and rhododendroms and is well worth a trip in April/May. 

White is a common colour on water birds. A close look reveals a wide range of patterns in nature.  Trumper Swan, common merganser and widgeon wings, all in the Courtenay BC area. 

14 thoughts on “White from coast to coast.

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  3. Canada has on its beautiful winter finery in your pictures, Ann, but your spring and summer photos are a nice addition to the harsh chill of winter whites. They remind us of a softer time coming soon. Very lovely.

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  4. I loved your photos….oh to live where lakes and rivers freeze enough to go on them….not in my neck of the woods. Our local community festival does bed races (on the road…lol) so fun. Thank you for sharing your part of the world. I’ve been loving exploring through everyone’s posts.

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  6. Hi, Ann – I for one would never question your winter-worthiness. Neither would I question your photography skills. You are very talented with a camera!
    I am delighted that you have been joining into the #SundayStills challenges. It is a great way to share, connect, inspire and be inspired!

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