The paths I’ve travelled. City sidewalks

#Sunday stills

Terry Webster Schradt posts a weekly photo challenge and what better way to fill up guarantine time than culling pictures on your computer. I figure this will be a weeks worth of work.

So here are photos of some of the paths I’ve taken. I am an avid walker and have taken lots of pictures along the way. Let’s start out in Mexico. You never know what you will encounter on the sidewalks of Mexico but it is sure to be colourlful.

The sidewalks in Toronto are a little European in flavour and you also may be suprised by encountering sculpture or weddings!!!

Moving on to Ottawa, the seasonal colours are one of the distinctive features of the landscapes. There is a unique walk around the parliament buildings that few people take.

Vancouver sidwalks are often wet, but if you look carefully you will find little and big surprises.

6 thoughts on “The paths I’ve travelled. City sidewalks

  1. What a beautiful collection of photos and walks, Ann. I’m happy to report I’ve visited all these locations at one point or another and hope to return to most of them (in the right season). 🙂 Wish I would have found that statue in Toronto, though. Too little time and comfort, as we visited this incredible city during a heat wave.


  2. Wow, those are some great pics you have there. I like walking too, but I didn’t when I used to travel, which is a waste 😦

    Thanks for sharing these pics, since it’s geographically challenging to visit them myself (I’m from Malaysia). What more with the pandemic and all.


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