On Injustice, Inequality, and Being Black in America: A Reading List

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As protests continue across the U.S. — and the world — one way we can support the movement for justice, equality, and real transformative change for Black people is to take the time to read, listen, and learn more deeply about institutionalized racism in America.

You’ll find recent posts by fellow creators in the WordPress.com community in the Black Lives Matter tag in the Reader. Below, we’ve compiled posts across blogs and publications that can act as starting points for deeper reading, and we’ll highlight more Black authors and storytellers this month.

Dear White People, This is What We Want You to Do

“What can I do?” In a powerful post at Inside the Kandi Dish, Kandise Le Blanc sums it up: Read. Donate. Check in on your Black loved ones. Take a good look at yourself. Get uncomfortable.

I want you to acknowledge that your life is easier…

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3 thoughts on “On Injustice, Inequality, and Being Black in America: A Reading List

  1. Ann, thanks for linking this compilation. As a white person with privilege, I find myself stunned with shock and despair at this latest evidence of racist police brutality. Will nothing ever change? Over the years, listenIng to my Black and Indigenous colleagues, friends, students, and family members and other people of colour, I have been learning to be a better ally. But listening isn’t enough, as yet another Black man gets dragged from his car and shot, and as yet another Indigenous young mother is killed in her her apartment during aPolice check. I’m glad people are speaking out.


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