My art work

I have been doing all kinds of artwork for the past IMG_572220 years and hoped I would do more once I retired.  I have some examples on my website and some resources for beginners.   I have recently started experimenting with alcohol inks which allows for much freeer process.   I occasionally sell my work at shows.xmas 5



14 thoughts on “My art work

  1. This work should be all over your place!! I hope you’ll do them up big and small and cover the walls of your new island paradise. 🙂


  2. These are beautiful, Ann! It’s fascinating how you have played around with different art forms and painting styles. Whenever (if ever) I retire, I hope to experiment a bit with painting and drawing as well, but I’m not creative at all when it comes to that art form. You sure are talented! I hope you manage to get more done now that you are retired. 🙂


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