Transitioning Back to Vancouver

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I have been surprised at how busy and crowded everything is in Vancouver. The bus is crowded at all hours of the day. My friend tells me the skytrain is even worse. The busses are full of people with strollers and walkers.   No one offers me seat. It’s challenging jumping off the door at the back of the bus. And the traffic is so slow everywhere. It makes more sense to walk down to Cambie and Broadway than take the bus or car. All the cafes and restaurants are full at all hours of the day.  Even the yoga classes are full in the middle of the day.  But enough whining.   I am in my warm and cosy condo after a year and a half of being a nomad on Hornby Island. I moved house there about 10 times. That just got to be too much. Hornby Island is under a lot of rules and regulations and that limit year around rentals by the Islands Trust.   There are some people who ignore the rules and there are some who don’t. Finding a long term rental has been challenging although I was just offered a short term cat sit recently. However my experience last year of 6 weeks of fleas put me off any future cat sitting.   I miss the social connections I made on Hornby. It is so cool to go out everywhere and have people speak to you even if they don’t know you. I am sorry I stayed in Vancouver so long.

artist Maryann Beckwith, Saint John NB

Peaking behind the Bamboo curtain.

Since I came back to Vancouver, I have shifted my teaching English from on line to in person. I have had the opportunity to meet more Chinese students in person. The students are very picky about their tutors so maybe I will have better luck next year.

I had some awesome adventures last year meeting 7 blogging friends from all over Canada and the US in person in Parksville.

I attempted to sell my condo in Vancouver and learned more lessons about real estate in Vancouver.

  1. Do not throw money at the problem.
  2. Do your research about real estate agents
  3. Wait until prices rebound or drop the price.
  4. Buyers are picky these days. No one likes a port-a-potty in the neighbour’s back yard.
  5. There are an increasing number of rules, regulations, licences and fines about rentals at all levels. Which I discovered when the City fined me $ 1000 for not having a business licence to rent out my condo for 4 weeks.

I’ve had time to do some painting and drawing on Hornby and have had my work in a couple of shows which has been fun. I have been inspired by the landscapes and beach combing on Hornby.   I appreciate the feedback from friends and strangers who have enjoyed the photos and commentaries on my blog.

I hope 2020 will be more smooth sailing for everyone especially for my friends sailing around the world. As the Queen says.. “ It was a bumpy year”.

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