Rocktober Hornby Island

My attention was drawn to a blog series called Walktober. This is my contribution featuring the Rockscapes on Hornby.  The theme is supposed to feature walks with people and so I am adding my blogger walk  (BLOK?) featured by another blogger Retirement Reflections.  Typically October is sunny and cool, my favourite month of the year.  By October things are green again after a brown summer.. and this year very green as result of a lot of rain.  There is an overabundance of apples here which in some cases goes to the deer and the birds.  The geology on Hornby is fascinating with a wide variety of rock formations.

Sandpiper Beach view east to Texada Island

How Blue is the Sky. Tribune Beach

Grassy point

Jelly fish




14 thoughts on “Rocktober Hornby Island

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  2. Hi, I’m over here from Robin’s blog. What interesting things you’ve pointed out for us on your Walktober — thank you for letting me join in! I’m fascinated by the jellyfish — was it alive??

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  3. Hi, Ann – The Rockscapes on Hornby are beautiful. Your photos are stunning. Thank you for including our recent bloggers’ walk. And thanks for contributing to Walktober. I thought that you were back on the mainland. Are you still on Hornby?


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