E-bikes vendors and reviews

I have discovered a variety of ebikes on Hornby. I have been chatting with local ebike users locally to find out what brands they are using.  One local user  told me that e-bikes are hard to brake and another person (female) said she had frequently fallen off.  What has been your experience?  I see men riding them, when they have bought them for their wives who don’t appear to be riding the bikes themselves.

I did a bit of research on Amazon to find the most highly rates and lightest e-bikes. They carry DJ and HOTEBIKE as well as BCBikes Conversion kits.  My Amazon wish list e-bikes. Amazon does not carry all brands.

The one that looked the coolest to me around Hornby was the Surface Rook.  It is $2000 US and you can order online for Sept 2019 delivery. I believe you have to assemble it when it arrives.  There doesn’t appear to be dealers and you have to order online.

Another model I have seen here is the TREK.  They are carried in  BSP bikes in Vancouver  with prices ranging from $2000-> $5000 CDN.  They have a good selection and I think this would be a good place to try out different models and sizes.  BSP also carry the Electra Band.  The Electka brand has a few good reviews.  Most models have to be ordered and the delivery time is 2 weeks. My preference is leaning toward the Electra Loft Go 8i step-through as it seems to have a smaller frame.  The specs don’t include weight which is unfortunate.  Also it costs $ 3700! Cute and rave reviews. 

The benno line is the featured image at the top of the page.  It was the Bicycling World Editors Choice in 2017.   It can be ordered through the following dealers.

There is another vendor in Vancouver called EbikeBC.  They have several models, conversion kits and used ebikes starting at $700.  They also have a blog with a lots of useful information.  The have folding bikes, tricycles and recumbent bikes.  They have locations in BC, Ontario and Quebec.  Their EVO is 25% lighter than other models.

If you want more information, try an E-<a href=”http://Ebikes: a buyer’s guide: Understand ebikes and buy the one that’s best for you“>bike guide on Amazon or Electric Bikes: The Ultimate Guide: 2020 Edition (Kindle) or more Electric bike advisor. This review site appears to be unbiased.  Their top step-through is the Pegasus Premio Evo 10e.

I’d like to hear your reviews of ebikes if you have used them.

Ebikes of Hornby

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