E-bikes are helping keep seniors young

E-bikes are helping keep seniors young and, in some instances, even alleviating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

— Read on www.fastcompany.com/90341686/the-unlikely-way-e-bikes-could-transform-how-we-age

This should help rural people to become more active. I saw a fellow on a $2000 Costco ebike yesterday. It was a gift to his wife. 🙄


3 thoughts on “E-bikes are helping keep seniors young

  1. But it may still be some time before ride-hailing scales as a real option for older Americans. AARP finds that just 29% of Americans aged 50 and older have ever used ride-hailing apps, and the majority are unlikely to try them. As for autonomous vehicles, which have been hailed in tech circles as a way to meet mobility needs for older people, they are not landing with that demographic. AARP found that 88% of seniors are unwilling to ride in them, citing safety concerns. Don Anair, deputy director of the Union of Concerned Scientists Clean Vehicle Program, has found that holds true in his research. The number-one priority for new technology is it has to be safe for people to have any confidence in it, he says. While autonomous vehicles could, he says, potentially ease the need for older people to own their own cars and transport themselves places, they have yet to be fully proven out as safe at scale.


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