3 thoughts on “South Africa Highlights

  1. Thank you so very much for re-sharing this. Sorry for my shamefully delayed gratitude. I only just came across this now when searching for a missing post of mine in the Reader. I was traveling without internet at the time you posted this and missed it the first time around. You are lovely to have shared and I greatly appreciate it.


    • I love your posts. You pick such interesting places to post about.. places I will never be. Hope you get to the west coast and visit the Gulf Islands. The sailing here is fantastic. I can make a few suggestions on places to see and do when you are in the vicinity but I can imagine that could be a while.

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      • The Gulf Islands are high on my list of places to visit. Will defininitely reach out for suggestions when we are headed that way. Current plan is to come through the Canal (again) and head up to La Paz in 2020 …from our perspective, the Gulf Islands are then just a hop, skip and a jump away 😉


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