The minimalist retirement wardrobe

It is tempting to hold on to work clothes, but it is at the expense of freeing up room in your closet.  A lot of my work clothes are kind of dated anyway. Joe Fresh has almost everything you need for retirement. Yes I know their hiring practices in Bangladesh have been controversial but you can’t beat the prices and styling and there are no snooty ageist sales people. Ok no sales people.  I have converted many of my friends to Joe Fresh who don’t already shop at the Salvation Army.   What is about baby boomers that draws them to the Salvation Army? The Tyee has written on the role of clothing in global warming. Most of my peers have had minimalist wardrobes most of their life.

Yes you need a two season wardrobe in Vancouver.. Winter/Spring/Fall and Summer. Don’t forget Junuary. Are you working part time? Ok let’s say you need business casual two days a week. Save something from your work wardrobe. Do laundry once every 2 weeks. If you do laundry once a week you can do with a smaller wardrobe.

2 day a week work wardrobe all year round

    • 1 pair black pants or tights
    • 1 long black/grey/burgundy warm sweater
    • 4 long sleeve t-shirts any colour.  I suggest <a href=”<a href=”http://“>Patagonia if you want a good quality t-shirt that fits loosely.
    • 4 short sleeve t shirts any colour
    • 4 pairs black socks
    • 1 pair shoes/runners depending on dress code
    • 2 scarves – warm, fancy etc to dress up wardrobe and keep neck warm.

This takes care of 4/14 days all year round.

Dec 11 2019.  Eddie Bauer closes in Vancouver, my go to place.  Joe Fresh has no long sleeve t-shirts.  I am forced to shop for my black t-shirts online.

Winter/Spring/Fall in Vancouver

  • Tights – 2 pairs black, 1 multicolor for fun
  • 10 long sleeve t-shirts -various colours


Summer in Vancouver/Travelling south in the winter

  • Knee length tights – 2 pairs, black and multicolour.  Joe Fresh has a great selection.  Very cute patterns.
  • 2 pairs LLBean Comfort trail shorts because the waist is adjustable, quick dry, will last forever and good for travelling south.  Black and khaki. $ 50.00 US.
  • The  Mountain Hardwear Women’s Dynama Capri cropped pants cover off shorts or cropped pants, they are stretchy and have pockets big enough for an iphone.  The Mountain Hardwear Dynamo line come in shorts and long pants as well.   I have replaced both shorts and knee length tights with the MH cropped pants.  Now I am thinking the long pants might replace a pair of tights and the mid length shorts might replace the LLBean shorts.
  • 10 short sleeve t-shirts various colours and styles
  • Two dresses with short sleeves. Can wear to work.

In Vancouver you will seldom need: Sundresses, tank tops, tops with spaghetti straps or bathing suits. Vancouver is pretty casual so the work wardrobe can work for upscale events. Layers are the best way to go as the weather changes hourly and from area to area in the city.

Shoes For the Beach!

This is a new addition to my Hornby Island wardrobe.  





Shoes: My favourite waterproof walking/running shoes.


I have bought 4 pairs as I do a lot of walking.  They are not for cold weather or snow but they are waterproof and good for beach walking.  Of course the version I bought is no longer available.  

And when you the runners you might like to switch the laces to these stretchy ones that have a toggle so you don’t have to tie or untie them.  They are the coolest.


2 thoughts on “The minimalist retirement wardrobe

  1. Hi, Ann – Thank you for sharing this I am guilty of having a closet full of clothes from work that I have kept “just in case”. As I wear yoga pants and a long sleeved t-shirt most days of the year, I know that I should further reduce my wardrobe. For me this is a slow, ongoing process!

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