Aug 19 2017 Mutual Funds

I have been managing my finances using Bank of Montreal Investorline and Vector Vest sites for many years.  I used the stock analysis system in Vector Vest to do the actual trading in Investorline.  It has been quite time consuming project and becomes a hobby if you like doing this kind of thing.  Vector Vest has a 5 week special on for $ 10.00 but after that it is about $ 60.00 or about $ 20 a month for the Ipad or IPhone version which is quite limited.  I found the analysis done by Vector Vest has been better than the stock analysis provided by BMO Investorline.   Another fund analysis system in Morningstar which I have used but also did not find it was as helpful as Vector Vest.  Vector Vest has a number of algorithms that rate stocks on multiple criteria at the same time, giving you a score.

However I recently tried to buy some mutual funds on the BMO Investorline site and I was quite disappointed with the time it took to find some high performing funds that were available for purchase on their web site.  Lets say it took me two days and 2 emails to Investorline to discover they only hold a limited selection of mutual funds that the individual investor can purchase on line.   They have posted a pdf on their users site with list of their holdings which are mainly BMO, RBC and TD holdings with some US $ holdings within those companies.  They do not list Fidelity or Manulife Funds, which have had good returns.    Lets just say they could provide a better service to their clients by including a filter to screen for stocks that can be purchased on line.  Investorline only sells series D funds.   The best 3 year performance on the Morningstar site was TD Science and Technology Series F at 23.36% while the top Series D stock was RBC Global Technology at 18.02%.  Thus Investorline clients would potentially loosing out on 5% return over 3 years unless  they seek out other vendors of mutual funds or switch banks which is not a pretty thing. 😒

I am not an investment advisor so take this analysis with a disclaimer.  These were the top preforming mutual funds based on 3 year performance that are held by BMO Investorline using the Morningstar fund screener.   How long did it take me to do this?  About 6 hours.

Name Ticker BMO code $ Current Price $ Market Value Morningstar Rating For Funds % Total Return 3 Year % Total Return 5 Year
RBC Global Technology Sr D F0CAN0721V RBF 1042 5.17 1,033.72 18.02 19.76
RBC Life Science & Technology Sr D F0CAN0721X RBF 1030 17.29 1,728.51 5 17.3 21.44
RBC US Dividend Sr D F0CAN0721Z RBF 1019 CDN/RBF 1541 US 26.45 2,644.71 4 13.7 16.12
PH&N US Multi-Style All-Cap Equity D F00000J0A0 RBF 3511 17.49 1,749.33 3 13.21 17.09
RBC US Equity Class Sr D F00000MTJA RBF 3150 CDN RBF 3539 US 21.54 2,153.64 3 11.62 15.26

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