Aug 15 2017 Finances

Today I have added information about financial planning using some calculators to determine the amont of money you can withdraw from your RRSPs and still maintain your capital.   I have also included information about using a line of credit to payout your mortgage and links to a financial advisor that I have found very helpful.  I researched some information on the subsidies available under the Fair Pharmacare plan as well.

Last week I attended the volunteer orientation for Mosiac, the agency that provides a lot of services to immigrants and refugees.  The offices are at Boundary and Kingsway and parking is at a premium.  The majority of people in the audience of about 50 were 30 somethings, I suspect looking for some work experience.  I was one of two seniors in the audience. Mosiac had a wide variety of volunteer jobs available including someone to role play as an interviewer for people practicing job interview skills,  career mentors, teaching assistants, social mentors etc.  The staff were all very friendly and eager.


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