I meet a real life blogger

I had a blast at the Theater Sports production of Oh-Canada on July 15.  I think it is the funniest show I have ever seen.  I just loved the guy who played the Iguana. The show is playing through to Sept 2017 and the tickets are only $15.00.   If you’d like a preview,  watch the YouTube Questions Americans Ask About Canada

This is a way better entertainment value that the production of Much Ado About Nothingthat I attended earlier in the week at the Bard on the Beach at $ 59.00.

We sat at a table with two young ladies who introduced themselves.  One of the young ladies is a blogger so I was very interested to pick her brain about her blogging business. Her site is Girl in Betsey.  She has monetized her site with blogs about fashion and lifestyle content and has over 20,000 followers. She started when she as younger and has been working on it for several years.  Her whole family is involved in the venture.  I was inspired by the busineasy-summer-look2-1ess she has built.  She suggested I add book reviews to my site so I will do that, but maybe she thinks retired people just site around and read.

I tend to not follow book review sites myself and just go by trial and error but here are two sites with regular book reviews.  The New York Times and Good Reads.  Both offer subscriptions to get an email with new listings.  I am current a thrillers that is part of a series by Greg Isles which I have been down loading from the Vancouver Public Library to my pad.  I am on my third of his books but I did not realize until my second book that there is a chronological order to the books and that I should have followed but, because I am going backward in the series now.  Most of the stories are situated in Natchez, Mississippi which makes for an exotic setting.



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