If its June this must be Ottawa

My friend Sheldon who is half gypsy says I move more often than he does.   Thanks Sheldon

So due to popular demand ( n=3) I have finally sat down to update everyone on what happened between then and now.    At the beginning of March I parted company with the health organization that I was working for in Toronto.   For some of you, you know how many job interviews I had over the month of March and April.  I went to Kingston 2x, Ottawa 1, Oakville x1, Hamilton x2, Markham x 1, Newmarket x1 and a couple in Toronto.  Eventully I got an offer from Ottawa Public Health, Kingston and the Public Health Agency of Ontario in Toronto, but by then I had accepted the job in Ottawa.  The next project was to move and find a tenant to take over my lease in Toronto.  Ha, you are thinking, I have done this so many times I could do it in my sleep. Well.. sometimes I do dream about it.  But not much.   So here I am in Ottawa. 

Ottawa has some awesome cycling …all flat!!!  It is very hot here.. too hot for me. I am working for Ottawa Public Health on re-tooling their flu vaccine program.  They have posted a permanent position and asked me to apply so it looks like I will be here for the long term.   Ha ha ha.  I feel grateful that I still have a job.  So far things seem to be going well.  I am a project management officer and mainly coordinating other people to all play together nicely.  I am helping them get some software to automate getting a vaccination :-0

 I am living in the suburbs..a bit like Delta.  Lots of farmland.  I can pick strawberries on the way home and I can see fresh corn will be available in a couple of months. I have a really nice townhouse with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.. not so much furniture through. If you feel the desire to visit I have lots of space.  I have a huge kitchen and balcony off the kitchen.  Also air conditioning…. very important here!  I am about a 20 min drive south of the office where I work which is also in South Ottawa. 

I don’t have any travel plans yet.  I am waiting until I get the permanent job so I will be paid holidays.

I am playing the clarinet with my long time friends who live here.  They have been so helplful with moving. I don’t think I would have moved here if it weren’t for them.  We have a ‘band’ and play every Wed night. We are pretty hilarious.   I have also been asked to join a bigger band downtown in the fall.  I haven’t been doing much else since I have been here.  Bought some furniture and summer clothes.  I have been on some country drives with my friends.  There are lots of cute little towns.  I never imagined I would be one for country drives… ;-)))).  Everyone here has a cottage in the country. 

I sold my rental condo in Vancouver in May but still have tenants in my condo on W 22nd.  I don’t know when I will be back in Vancouver.  Ottawa is much easier than Toronto and people are friendly and approachable here and it’s much easier to get around. 

I think my winter project will be to get back into the stock market. I miss my Investools meetings/pub nights.  I still haven’t figured out what e-minis are all about.

People in Vancouver are much thinner and more fit than people in Ottawa.  Everyone drives everywhere here.  There are lot of bike trails but few people on them.  It feels spooky sometimes to be riding my bike with no one around. There is a lovely bike path that goes along the Rideau canal which I hope to do as soon as there is a  cooler day.

You can Google me at 18 Hathaway Dr. K3G6T4 . Nepean. Phone 613 252 4091

 I am always happy to hear from you all.   Love to you all.  There is always space for visitors.

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