Winter sunset

I’ve been here for almost 3 months now.  I am finding my way around a little better.  I am have a few small successes at work. If only they knew what success was.  If only I knew??

I have been grateful that the weather has been mild to cool so far and I am enjoying the almost daily sunshine. 

There are lots of things that surprise me about Toronto.  The garbage on the streets are night.. there is a resident mouse in the office where I work that chewed through an apple I left in my drawer.   All the office buildings and condos have planters in front of them with elaborate Christmas arrangements of bows, boughs, dried flowers, berries or Christmas bulbs.  It’s feeling very Christmasy here. 

I went to see a condo for sale today but there are still bidding wars going on the force up the prices beyond the ‘comparables’.  I am just curious to see what’s on the market.  I might buy something later on.  I am still checking out neighbourhoods. Living downtown is ok.  Traffic is pretty slow and all the streets are one way.  Biking may be a better option in the summer.

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