running out of tokens

Yes the TTC is running out of tokens.  They are raising transit fares in Jan and so people are hoarding tokens.  Now they will only sell 5 tokens at a time.  They now plan to print paper tickets.  Problem:  the tickets won’t work in the turnstiles so  you will have to go one by one through one turnstile that is ‘manned’ manually.  Ok so anyone with a weekly or monthly pass can use the turnstiles.  However, a weekly pass costs $ 32.00 compared to 10 tokens which costs $ 22.50.  This is not adding up for me.  This is going to create long lineups.  No one here seems very concerned by this.  It all just seems like another day in the life.

Deer takedown in Toronto today

The good news is I found a parkinng stop in the townhouse complext where I am living for only $ 100 a month. I beat them down from $ 200 a month!!!!!

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