first after work drinks

Someone at work was leaving today (the turnover is pretty high) and I was invited to join the rest of the team at a pub near where I work.  There is a pub on every corner.  It was  a very good-natured get together.  Such a contast to VCH.  Everyone I work with here is under 40! They have been very open to accepting an ‘older worker’.  😉  Everyone is much more sociable than they were at VCH.  The pace of work is faster here, the level of complexity is less, although there is more activity going on.  There’s a lot of duplication of effort and work that is a waste of time.  But I will fix all that!

One thing I liked better about Vancouver is my garburator.  Apparently the city of Toronto has some ban on garburators.  
Every night the sideswalks of Toronto are lined with black garbage bags.  Even during red carpet events the garbage bags get put out.   It seems there are no dumpters here. 
The cyclists run rampant here, weaving in and out of cars, ignoring traffic lights and riding on busy sidewalks.  Few of them wear helmets. Vancouver has done a much better job of channeling cyclists onto bike routes.  There don’t seem to be any bike specific streets here, although they published a bike map.
The public transit is better in Toronto.  The subway and streetcars come every 2-5 minutes at least around downtown.
Parking on all streets is limited to 3 hours everywhere in Toronto including in front of my townhouse complex.  I am on two waitling lists for parking.

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