new condo

I have finally decided to move and have found a new condo to rent. It is on the Harbourfront, close to  Porter Airlines Terminal and the Ferry to Toronto Island.  It’s a  2 BR townhouse so there is space for visitors.  Parking is still in process of negiotation!  It’s on a dead end road so it will be quiet.  I assume the flight path for the planes is over the water.  I was considering buying but everyone here told me horror stories of bidding wars that are escalating the prices beyond what property is worth. There’s lots of condo’s going up.

Last weekend I drove to Ottawa.  I got lost on the way but found again with my Iphone GPS.  I was visting my friends Barb and Glen who I have known for over 30 years.  We talked non-stop all weekend.  The weather was sunny and I enjoyed the fall colours on the way.  We stopped in Gananogue for a play called Winfields Progress.  It’s a long drive though.  It was my first time on highway 401.  12 lanes at some points but I wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.  I think because the roads are flat here, I don’t mind the driving. 

I have been really busy at work.  Now I know why people consider Vancouver so laid back. It’s cause it is.  There is subtle pressure to work late.  Taking holidays is frowned on.  The work I am doing is getting data for people. I haven’t a clue on where to find the data and they have multiple sources with different processes to access the data.  I am going to a 2 day workshop on how use the Ministry of Health database.  I am  preparing data on services for the elderly, mental health, emergency depts.  There is a whole lot of stuff going on and it’s hard to keep on top of everything.  I hope it will get easier over time.
I am enjoying walking home from work as I get to enjoy a walking tour of some unique homes along the way. It takes me about 40 min.  The architecture is so different here.  Many houses are heritige style of the Victorian period.  Some have been converted to suites.
The weather has been pretty good. Only one really cold day so far.  I am enjoying the extra hours of sunlight.  I continue to find people here more open and friendly than in Vancouver.  People are more open like Maritmers and Americans and people strike up conversations with strangers. 
After watching BNN for so long, it is interesting to see the buildings of the corporate headquarters of companies that I have only know as stock shares.  You get a very different take on the economy from Toronto and I don’t see any evidence of an economic downturn here.  I have not made any connections with stock traders yet.
I will post updates every couple of weeks.  I am doing well and every day continues to be an adventure.

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